Robertson River info needed

North of the Alaska Range and south of the Brooks Range
Hatcher Pass
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Robertson River info needed

Post by Hatcher Pass » Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:53 pm

Hey Interior Packrafters-
I am looking at exploring into the interior part of Alaska, and I am planning a trip up to the headwaters of the Robertson river, via Cathedral Rapids area, in the next couple of weeks

Info that I am looking for: Private property near the Cathedral Rapids area that I need to worry about? Better yet, it there a trail? I was just planning on getting above treeline quickly, via the most direct route, then following ridgelines back. Sometimes that works out, sometimes not so much.... But that's why we do this!

Water Levels this summer?

Any tricky spots on the river? (this is a new river/ area for me)


How is the smoke in that area?



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