FS: Brand New Alpackaraft Gnarwhal with WW deck configuartion

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FS: Brand New Alpackaraft Gnarwhal with WW deck configuartion

Post by catchmeanurag » Mon Oct 26, 2020 10:51 am

Bought the Alpackaraft's Gnarwhal with WW deck configuration to do some bikerafting stuff in Utah and NewZealand. But as things changed and my plans changed. I would rather let someone be benefitted with it instead of sitting in my garage ( UN OPENED ) . Right now am in Portland, OR. If someone is willing to pickup locally or i can ship it as well. I do have the Astral YTV - S/M, Slate Black in the box along with packraft.

Gnarwhal : Long
Color and Fabric: Sierra Red
Build Configuration: Whitewater Deck

Additional Options to Kit Out Your Gnarwhal ($140.00): Black Expedition Bow Bag (24l) (Save $10)

= $1,815.00

Astral YTV - S/M, Slate Black

= $119

+ Shipping

I do have Paddle to sell separately which is unopened as well

Sherpa Fiberglass 4-Piece Whitewater Kayak Paddle = $300 + Shipping

Email - anuragnallavelli@gmail.com

Text - 312-806-4196

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