Updated Alpackalypse - Size M - $1300

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Updated Alpackalypse - Size M - $1300

Post by ElephantHead » Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:26 pm

Hey folks,

I'm selling my 2017 medium Alpackalypse. The boat is in excellent shape. Alpacka retrofitted the rigging this summer so it has the same foot brace, thigh strap, and backband set up as the current Alpacka whitewater line- but because the tubes are smaller it's easier to edge and roll. It also has the modern two-way inflation valve. The zipper is in good shape; I added some prophylactic aquaseal to the top end and I haven't had any issues with leaks or the teeth failing to close. The boat has one patch on the hull on the bottom side of the bow, but it's patched internally and backed up on the outside so I expect it to hold for as long as the boat lasts. It's an awesome craft; in the last year I've been running lots of IV+ and V- in it and I'm still constrained more by the limitations of my skillset than by the limitations of the boat.

Text me at 781-801-3326 with inquiries. Let me know if you want to see additional photos, the forum is telling me the files are too large to add more.

Happy boating!
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