Feathercraft Boulder for sale MAKE AN OFFER!

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Feathercraft Boulder for sale MAKE AN OFFER!

Post by jgparkes » Wed Apr 08, 2020 11:45 am

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Three year old Boulder Feathercraft self bailing, rarely used with professionally applied urethane coating on the bottom of boat to increase durability. Includes air bag, and two hand pump inflators, and a repair kit,( with no glue for shipping). Below are the specs from Feathercraft. Great boat, larger inside than a Alpaka Mule. Original sold for 2100 and Urethane was a 350 add. Thigh strap, inflatable seat that can be positioned further back for additional space in front, inflatable floor, and two tubes for added safety. Asking $1100 plus shipping, texting to 651-785-3800 will get a response.


Length x Beam 7’3″ x 3’1″

Tube Diameter 11.4″

Pack Size 26 x 8 x 12″

Approx Pay Load 500 lb

Weight 12.5 lb Less
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