SOLD: Red Scout (2012)

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SOLD: Red Scout (2012)

Post by undersound » Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:01 am

Due to a sudden personal monetary crisis I will have part from my Scout. This is the same boat used in european scene's Scout review. Boat is only three months old and has seen no more than a few trips.

Original mylar foil seat got destroyed during whitewater testing and therefore is not included, but I strongly recommend you to use standard Alpacka seat or a piece of foam mattress instead. The boat has 4 grab loops in the bow for pack fastening + 2 strap plates in stern for back rest attachment. If you plan on using standard Alpacka seat, you really wont need to fasten the C-shaped seat part, it will stay in it's place quite well.

Raft is located in Helsinki, Finland.

I'm asking 500€ plus postage fees (17,70€ - 30,70€, depending on where you live). I'd prefer buyers located in EU (euro zone) so we could avoid all the hassle with different currencies. A similar new raft would cost 584€. Edit: Sold for 450€

Contact me via email: pekka.pehkonen [at]

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