Packraft for Trout Fishing

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Packraft for Trout Fishing

Post by Fshaw » Wed Aug 19, 2020 4:46 pm

I am interested in buying a rackraft to troll for trout in remote Adirondack ponds that require extended bushwacks or are 5 miles or so from a road. I have done it before with the vinyl pool rafts but want to upgrade to higher quality for serious use I am 6’1” and 215lb with a 34” inseam. Light weight and decent tracking are primary concerns. I have been looking at Alpacka’s Caribou and Classic as I think the Scout would be a bit small. Any recommendations? Kokopelli make any that might be superior for the intended use?



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Re: Packraft for Trout Fishing

Post by Bobonli » Mon Aug 24, 2020 2:01 pm


In my experience (on this board) there aren't a lot of active east coasters and the forum itself can be a bit slow. Try Reddit if getting crowd sourced info is important, but recognize that the 'net is filled with opinions! The Alpaca folks will answer questions on the phone. When I started researching, their advice was to rent (they have rental outfits listed on their site) before making a purchase decision. I gave up for the time being. My time window to order a rental was disrupted by Covid (I'm on Long Island) so any place I would have paddled from was, at the time, a park with restricted access. Not sure I'm willing to go through the rental process this late in the summer.

From a fishing aspect, will you be comfortable sitting that low to the water while casting etc? I see a lot of people opting for kayaks and canoes because you can at least kneel or stand up, but they can't really be carried into remote areas. Definitely rent first!

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Re: Packraft for Trout Fishing

Post by bmw rider » Sat Aug 29, 2020 2:52 pm

I use a Scout to fish alpine lakes, mainly accessed by motorcycle. I think you might find it a bit small based on your stats, I'm a bit shorter and lighter than you and it is adequate but not roomy. It doesn't really track, so a lot of speed is lost to yawing back and forth as you paddle. The other issue I had was drifting too fast in even a moderate breeze. I now use a drift sock to slow that and it also serves to hold the boat at a consistent direction as it drifts. I have no trouble with casting my small spinning rod from the boat so I don't think that should be an issue. Using a fly rod might prove more of a challenge.

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Re: Packraft for Trout Fishing

Post by androidmids » Thu Sep 03, 2020 6:10 am


I would suggest the gnu from alpacka due to the new (pun intended) style seat they added. Not only does it make it waaay easier to paddle kayak or canoe style but the seating configuration puts you up high and makes it easier to fish. It is also a "tandem" so gives you plenty of room for gear. They have a forager version as well that changes some of the specs and another one as well thats focused on whitewater, but i like the gnu a lot. The seat also doubles as a large dry bag for gear you wont need til you get to land.

From kokopelli, the recon is good as is the twain. For fishing and your size id say your going to have more comfort in the tandems (Gnu for alpacka and twain for kokopelli) than the smaller rafts. These also give you the option of adding a friend from time to time, or packing lots of gear for camping trips, while still be sub 13lbs and easy to carry.

heres a video of the kokopelli for size comparison. the gnu is slightly shorter but feels roomy due to the different seating style. If you have the $$$ get both I use them for different types of outings, if your short of money go for the kokopelli. Both are well built, seem to ignore hooks and knifes and other sharp items (still be careful) and handle like a dream on anything but class III or IV+ whitewater.

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Re: Packraft for Trout Fishing

Post by tn ridge rover » Thu Sep 10, 2020 4:04 am

If you stay in slow water all your life or not should be in you decision making process. I have a 1st gen Explorer 42, a Scout and a Caribou. I hate the fact I don't have a sprayskirt option. An Alpacka Mule might be a good bet if you eventually go the full white water route. My boats can all do some whitewater without a sprayskirt, but a sprayskirt would greatly expand my whitewater options.

The bigger 2 person Alpackas would make great fishing boats but more money and weight.

If only slow to moderate white water, the Explorer42 might be the way for you to go. Check the Alpacka boat statistics for internal length and go from there. I need more experience with my Carabou but that might be your best bet if weight is that important, if ya can stand the extra weight go Explorer42.

Alpacka usually runs a Christmas sale, a good time to buy a boat.

Keep searching Youtube to watch other people's boats. You can get a good idea on which boat to get.

Yeah them Alpackas ain't cheep unless ya count the hours and years of use you put them thru. They are the lightest rafts out there and my choice.

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