Tyvek versus Gaffa tape for temporary attachment points?

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Re: Tyvek versus Gaffa tape for temporary attachment points?

Post by raven » Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:29 pm

Sure wish Alpacka would provide an answer -- I have some mods to test and then remove.

The website provides a few hints. The warning comment on duct tape not adhering well enough to use on rafts returned for mods seems to rule that tape out. Is gaffer tape waterproof enough for use? -- my biggest concern. Gorilla tape seems to be a possibility -- I found it both adhered moderately well and could be removed readily a few minutes later. It too uses a rubber adhesive and may not adhere enough after a bit of immersion, but should be much better than ordinary duct tape and possibly gaffer.

Alpacka Raft LLC
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Re: Tyvek versus Gaffa tape for temporary attachment points?

Post by Alpacka Raft LLC » Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:07 am

I don't know what Gaffa tape is. Try it and if it works that's great! Duct tape and Gorilla tape do not stick very well after immersions as someone earlier said on the forum. The Tyvek tape sticks the best but it isn't the best for holding things down because it doesn't have any scrim in it like duct tape. With no scrim in it it is easier for it to tear when it is being used to hold something to the boat. You might try putting tyvek tape down first, then form the duct tape into whatever holder you want, laying it down onto the tyvek, but not having it come out to the edges, then tyvek tape over the duct tape out to the edges. If you use several layers of the tyvek it will probably be quite strong as well. 4 layers of Tyvek would probably be strong enough to not tear at all. The only issue with the Tyvek is it is a nightmare to get off the boat after it sets on there for a couple of weeks. So if you don't want to be staring at the tyvek for eternity I suggest you get it off the boat after each use. Perhaps you might want to just glue on some permanent straps?

cheers, Sheri

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Re: Tyvek versus Gaffa tape for temporary attachment points?

Post by fcolver » Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:36 pm

In a test once I put a strip of gaffers tape (available in pro camera shops & it aint cheap) below the water line of a 16' pvc river raft at the beginning of the season. I ran whitewater most weekends and some extended trips that summer (many miles of rivers) and didn't think anymore about the tape. That fall, as I was putting the boat away for the winter, I noticed the piece of tape still adhered solidly to the tube of the boat. It was removable but with some good strong pulling.

I did this because another rafter had told me about using gaffers tape on rafts. I still have a roll of white and a roll of black and use it anywhere I want a fabric tape (like a super duct tape) that will stick well and resist weather. Because it is a fabric base, and difficult to tear, it should hold up well for supporting your tripod.

Frank Colver

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Re: Tyvek versus Gaffa tape for temporary attachment points?

Post by LarryBartlett » Fri Jul 01, 2011 2:52 pm

I do a lot of filming on float trips, and I also own a couple of alpacka explorers. I tried tyvek tape for securing points for a tripod, but they failed to hold up to the rigors of a long float.

I opted to go with the simple loop ring patches. They weigh very little and are easy to apply.

Now i have permanently attached points that i can place a tripod at either end, depending on load config.
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Re: Tyvek versus Gaffa tape for temporary attachment points?

Post by Big Mitch » Fri Sep 16, 2011 4:47 pm

Where did you buy those simple loop patches? Thank you.

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